Employer Wellness Plans

The MeYou Health Platform

The MeYou Health platform covers all aspects of well-being and offers three interventions on the platform to drive behavior change at a member level but also to help clients control their overall healthcare costs. MeYou Health understands that there is only one thing that creates genuine engagement and change for people: social interaction. People won’t use a wellness program if only the employer benefits from it. Everything in the program needs to empower the employee to learn, explore, achieve, socialize, and norm against the behaviors of others at a pace and intensity that is comfortable for them. Members can invite their spouses, friends and family to join them in their wellness journey.

Over the years, MeYou Health has refined their program to be extremely realistic about what it asks someone to do and convenient enough to factor into their busy lives. MeYou Health even provides immediate, positive feedback about what users are learning, and it comes from evidenced-based health literature so everything they do is geared towards something that genuinely improves a user’s life. MeYou Health’s programs have been the subjects of randomized controlled trials and all programs were designed using these trials as the basis of evidence and with clinical oversight.

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