As Experts in self funding we have been showing employer groups a common sense approach to managing budget and health insurance benefits. Many of those groups have maintained a level budget for 3 to 5 years without sacrificing benefits.

Did you know?

  1. Office visit cost have been level for the last 5 to 10 years.
  2. Many health care plans are falling victim to the high cost of specialty medications. HIC Agency has the ability to source these medications at little or no cost to the employee or the plan.

Kansas hospitals are seeing an increase in high-deductible health plans, resulting in an increase in accounts receivable, charity care, and bad debt. Hospitals are being deluged with requirements that are both difficult to keep up with and comply with. The Health Insurance Cooperative (HIC) Agency is pleased to announce that we have found a solution to this crisis.

The Health Insurance Cooperative Agency has been working to come up with a health care plan that supports local providers and keeps community health care intact. The solution is community-based health plans that offer lower deductibles and out-of-pocket costs to employees seeking local care. The HIC Agency has developed a model to create health plans that help create a more direct relationship between the community providers and the employer health plans.

Download our whitepaper for more information on how a community-base health care plan can benefit your hospital network or your community. David Hickman, President and CEO of the HIC Agency, has developed steps to implement a community-based health care model, starting with utilizing a hospital / physician network that allows steerage to local providers at an enhanced or lower out-of-pocket cost to the community.

Easy HR provides online enrollment, which includes:

  • All your benefit options, including plan descriptions, costs, links to carrier sites and contact information when your employees have questions.
  • Customizes eligibility and contribution levels for multiple class structures.
  • Allows employees to make elections and report changes in their information in electronic format but also the ability to print all their information
  • Tracks the completion of employees’ enrollment
  • Keeps you connected with a free app for Apple and Android smart phones/devices to view your benefit information on the go.
  • Includes life event wizards for changes year round, like new hire enrollment, dependent management, terminations and beneficiary tracking.
  • Compliance notices

Easy HR provides ACA Reporting, which includes:

  • Calculating FTEs for 1094/1095 reports / IRS Submittal
  • Generating forms needed for Coverage Reporting
  • ACA tool for monitoring affordability

Easy HR provides ACA Tracking, which includes:

  • Observing variable hour employees
  • Tracking and Reporting Employee Hours

Easy HR provides Onboarding, which includes:

  • Complete new hire forms
  • Safety and training modernized

Risk Management

  • Risk management is identifying high risk factors and taking the most suitable precautionary measures to lessen the risk.
  • Using proven and highly effective programs to manage our plans exposure the with the goal of lowering medical and Rx spend.

Identifying the risk within your health plan is knowing:

  1. High claimants
  2. Chronic conditions
  3. Specialty meds
  4. Other high cost factors
  5. Using aggregate claims data and Pharmacy reports we can drill down to find our biggest risk factors.


  • Assessing the risk and determining the proper course of action.
  • Assessing the many different types of risk that can exist in a plan and determining what can we do to reduce exposure or likelihood of claim.
  • Actions are good, but results are better!


  • Once we have identified and assessed the risk we can now move to reviewing what programs and strategies that we can implement in order reduce, prevent or transfer as much risk as possible.


  • To control the cost of high risk factors we implement proactive strategies or programs. By using these innovative services we can use outside the box solutions to reduce likeliness or cost of said risk.
  • Rx specialty medication Programs
  • Wellness Program


  • Mitigating the Risk is taking precautionary steps to make sure that if a risk becomes a claim you have the right tools ready when you need them.
  • Hypothetical : You have an employee diagnosed with Hepatitis C. If you don’t have a sourcing tool in place that prescription will run your health care plan $90,000 as fast as the script is written. However programs exist that can lower that spend by up to 70% and lower out of pocket cost to the employee.


  • Monitoring monthly Aggregate claims reporting and medical spend is key when managing risk.
  • Knowing what is in reserves and what risk we have makes a self funded health insurance plan manageable.
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